Hillseeker Monthly Challenge for May: 1,000 Squats!

It's Hillseeker Monthly Challenge time again! For the month of May, we're going for lots of squats, where Lots = 1,000.

There are two versions of this challenge. If you have the experience and conditioning, then it's 1,000 squats for time. This means 1,000 squats with good quality in as little time as possible. There are 3 mini-challenges included in this version: 100, 250 and 500 squats (each for time). The grand finale will be your best effort at 1,000 squats.

The 2nd version is 1,000 squats in TOTAL spread throughout the entire month. For this one, just track your daily squats and keep going until you reach a cumulative count of 1,000. If you are brand new to this type of exercise, make sure that your technique is excellent before adding volume. Have a friend, or even better, a qualified coach, watch your form. Then start with 20 squats in a day and keep adding reps until you are on track to reach 1,000 by the end of the month.

We're doing classic air squats for this challenge. See the video for an example and points of performance.