Client Reviews

  • If you have ever wondered if you could get a little more from your workout, loose those few Kilo's that won't budge or gain some mass and definition? Then you need to check out Jeff Grant at Hill Seeker Fitness. Fantastic gym, amazing coach and you'll have a great time whilst being pushed harder than you ever dreamed possible. With your first class for free what have you got to lose? All levels catered to, just tell Jeff what you want to achieve. See you there!

    Alex, Wädenswil, Switzerland
  • I called Jeff to help my brother get the motivation back to train for his first triathlon (Zürich Triathlon). Jeff did an amazing job in giving him back the motivation that he had lost. Also he gave him a new variety of workouts which kept him focussed and improved his endurance. Jeff also helped with my brother's nutrition to help him stay lean and full of energy. My brother did great and most importantly he had a lot of fun! Thanks Jeff for your support we really appreciate it!!

    Angie, Zug, Switzerland
  • Great gym close to the nature. If your looking for an excellent coach to improve your strength, endurance and even your mental strength with special training challenges then you're at thre right place here!

    Stefan, Zug, Switzerland
  • I cannot thank Jeff enough for the change he has triggered in my fitness, in my motivation to conquer even higher goals and, more important, in the levels of energy that I now display in any life activity.

    Santiago, Zurich
  • It really has made a great change for me. I feel more confident about a lot of things, and it is really helping my overall outlook on life.

    Kevin, Connecticut, USA
  • In addition to creating my physical training plan, Jeff also has had a profound influence on my nutrition and lifestyle by sharing tips, tricks, and methods gained through his personal experiences and his never ending thirst for health, nutrition and fitness knowledge. This information combined with my training plan has allowed me to gain a level of health and body composition that I did not think was possible as a father of a 1-year old nearing the age of 40.

    Sean, Atlanta, USA
  • Great coach, great workouts, great setting - love it!!

    Lesley, Zürich
  • I look forward to continuing to train with Jeff at his Crossfit Endurance sessions in Zürich and to being inspired by his sport adventures!

    Gwyneth, Zürich, Switzerland
  • Jeff hat mir aufgezeigt, dass alles möglich ist, er hat mich motiviert und inspiriert. Jeff hat ein sehr grosses Fachwissen uns ist ein super Trainer. Jede Endurance Stunde gibt mir Kraft und bereitet mir Freude. Die Stunde wird mit viel Enthusiasmus geplant und durch geführt.
    Ich bin sehr dankbar, dass ich Jeff als Endurance Coach habe.

    Angie, Zürich
  • "Jeff provided me with a tailor-made triathlon preparation programme. He took some time to understood my current physical condition, needs (social life, etc.) and goals. The programme was fun to do and, most importantly, effective: I performed below the target time. Thank you, Jeff!!!."

    Miko, Zürich
  • Many thanks for joining us today and giving a great speech! You made our time at the Waldhütte Im Trubler for our mid-year rally a blast!

    Stamford Schweiz, Switzerland
  • "I contacted Jeff to help me prepare for a 7 day Mt. Bike stage race. Not only did he prepare me for the race. He totally changed the way I view fitness. My workouts are now exciting and fun. And of course hard. Jeff's consistently positive attitude and challenging routines have brought me to a new level of being fit. No more boring routines sitting in a gym. Jeff showed me how to get outside and take advantage of my surroundings for my workouts. And I love it. Thank You Jeff."

    Jason Thomas, Ohio, U.S., Finisher of the grueling TransProvence Mountain Bike Race in France
  • I'll come to Zurich again for many more exhausting training sessions with your drills and bands...

    Nina Glauser, Nutritionist, Winterthur
  • Jeff, I wanted to profoundly thank you for the impact you have had so far on my life. When I came to you last year, I was unfit and unhealthy. And look me now - this year I completed Ironman 70.3 Zell am See and in a time better than I ever dreamt of. Your coaching has not only guided me to achieve this in a healthy and safe manner, it has given me new inspiration and motivation that I never knew was possible. I particularly like the way you made me find strength and motivation from adversity. I remember my first race of the year. It was meant to be a beautiful sunny May race. Instead it was 8 degrees, heavy rain and freezing cold water. Had it not been for you and your guidance I would have caved it. Instead you made me look at it from a positive angle and use it as training. You made me see that if you can pull through a race like that, then you can do a lot of other things too. For someone like me who travels a lot for business and often finds it hard to combine exercise with this and client entertainment it was valuable to know that you had once been in a similar situation. The exercises you gave me, which I could even complete in a hotel room meant there was never an excuse not to do it. So what's next for me? Well I have well and truly been bitten by the endurance sport bug. Your coaching has given me the tools to continue, to improve, to get stronger, to get smarter and to get fitter. A long the way I also hope I can inspire others like you inspired me. Thank you. Thank you for being part of this life changing journey.

    Jakob, Zurich
  • 1. they are different week to week, day to day
    2. shorter in the week and longer on the weekend --- is great --- after a long day at work it is challenging to do a long workout
    3. they challenge me in a way I haven't been challenged before. I have really just been doing a lot of long runs --- not much variety
    It is fun to have days where I am doing core or cross train stuff.

    Karen, Ottawa, Canada (2005 and 2010 "Top 100 most powerful women in Canada award", Finished the Marathon des Sables, Jungle Marathon, Sahara Race and Alcatraz Swim