Hill Running Workout 29 #hillwod

24/10/2015 - Hill Workouts
Hill Running Workout 29 #hillwod

HILLWOD 29 is simply a monster downhill run. Accumulate as much downhill running as possible in 1 hour.


Perhaps surprisingly, the UP hill isn’t important in this hillwod. Bike up, drive up, ruck up, take a cable car up, etc. Once you’re up, set off on a fast downhill run, covering as much downhill distance as possible in one hour.



Notes from Jeff’s test run of this HILLWOD: I did this one on a mountain in Southern California during the 50-hour SEALFIT Kokoro 38 in the middle of the night. I was motivating a group of hard-working warrior athletes to maintain a fast pace, which they did. We continued on for longer than an hour, and it was an epic downhill mountain run, thus the inspiration for this one in a one-hour workout format!


Have a great hill workout!

— Coach Jeff


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