Hill Running Workout 4 #hillwod

25/01/2015 - Hill Workouts
Hill Running Workout 4 #hillwod

Inspired by greek mythology and the story of Sisyphus, this week’s hill workout is a TOUGH one for the mind and body!

Sisyphus was a king who got himself into trouble, a lot of trouble. Zeus had enough and punished Sisyphus to push an enormous boulder up a steep hill. Right before Sisyphus reached the top, Zeus sent the boulder back to the bottom, again and again. Sisyphus’ punishment was thus to push the boulder to the top of the hill an infinite number of times. I know what you’re thinking, sounds like a great workout, right?! Read more on Sisyphus. With this theme in mind, let’s go for a tough one this week! Keep this gem in mind as well, “Albert Camus, in his 1942 essay The Myth of Sisyphus, saw Sisyphus as personifying the absurdity of human life, but Camus concludes “one must imagine Sisyphus happy” as “The struggle itself towards the heights is enough to fill a man’s heart.“” (source: Wikipedia)



3 Rounds of an 8-min AMRAP (As many rounds as possible).



Note’s from Jeff’s test run of this HWOD: I did this one in late January in Richterswil, Switzerland on Muelebach (a trail near our home). It snowed most of the night, so it was a nice white day in the forest. While nice to look at, the hill was still brutal, especially the tall stairs at the top. I managed 2 climbs per 8 minute interval up the steep switchbacks to the A3.


— Coach Jeff, with Becky on the hills today!

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