Top 10 CrossFit Equipment for a Garage Gym

26/11/2014 - Gear
Top 10 CrossFit Equipment for a Garage Gym

For those new to CrossFit® and functional training and looking to build out your own garage gym or basement training space, here’s an equipment guide to get you started.

Before we get to the list, a great all-around training tool, especially if you don’t have a garage or basement space for training, is the simple, effective sandbag. Here’s how-to guide on making your own and some suggested sandbag workouts.

On to the list. Let’s start with a barbell.

Weightlifting Bar – This is the most important piece of equipment you will have in your arsenal. You get what you pay for, so invest in a quality bar. Check out Rogue’s Beater Bar as a starter and consider upgrade options from there.

For women, consider a 25mm version, and for kids, newbie and rehab use, check out alumilite. Click here for Rogue Fitness – Women’s Bella Bar

Collars – You can get the Rogue Fitness HG collars, Muscle Clamps or a pair of good old spring collars.  We have a few sets of HG collars at Hillseeker CrossFit and find the standard spring collars more durable and easier to use for most folks.

Learn bar mainteanance and keep your bars clean!

2) Bumper Plates – Don’t get steel plates! Invest in bumper plates and you won’t regret it once you get more into Olympic weightlifting movements.

Rogue Hi-Temp Bumper Plates – Recycled rubber bumpers with HD stainless steel inserts. These bumpers are made in the USA and are hands-down the toughest bumper on the market. If you go cheap on bumpers (e.g. most of the Chinese-sourced bumpers), they won’t last and you’ll regret it.

3) Pullup Rig & Rings: Lots of options here. Let’s start with a pullup bar

Our first system at Hillseeker was a RPG system that we used at our home gym on a balcony and in the forest.

From Coach Jeff: The RPG System got me through a year of outdoors personal training and my own workouts on my back terrace. I highly recommend it if you don’t have the option of mounting a bar or installing a rack system. If you’ve got open space outside, check out the Castro Rig, which would make an awesome home gym!

Rings – A good set of rings is key to performing ring dips, pushups, muscle-ups and much more. What are the best CrossFit rings? Read on.

Click here for Rogue Fitness W4-Garage Gym Setup

Rogue Fitness Rings are made of steel with powder coat. The straps are 1.5″ wide with a HD cam buckle, each strap has a Velcro strap to hold excess strapping. These are made in the US and are second to none.  Our favorite straps at Hillseeker are the Rogue competition straps.

Rogue Fitness Wood Rings are our favorite rings. There’s nothing like th.

4) Squat Stand – There are many different variation for this piece of equipment.  Here are a few options

Rogue Fitness SPX squat stand – This system was designed with the thought of eliminating all the knobs, pins and threads that wear 

out over time. They have full adjustability for shrug through press for a 6’5″ person. This system is made all in the US with heavy duty steel construction.  Once you see it you will know it is from Rogue Fitness.

5) Kettlebell – We recommend a 16-24KG Kettlebell for men and a 8-16KG Kettlebell for women.

A note from Coach Jeff Grant– I bought a buddy of mine a 53 lb Kettlebell for his 40th birthday. Cool gift and the kettlebell rocks. I was tempted to fly back to Switzerland with it as it’s way better than the two I have of this size in the gym. It’s worth buying the good stuff, especially when it’s grip-oriented, like a kettlebell.

This is all personal preference, here are some attributes to look for:

Casting Seam – If it is a poor quality bell the casting seam will tear up your hands
Finish of bell – If it is epoxy coated it will chip like crazy. Look for naked, baked paint and/or hammertone painted bells – like the Rogue Ader Kettlebell.  These have the right feel.

More on Kettlebells

Medicine Ball – Dynamax medicine balls are the best. Here are some things to consider:

Fight Gone Bad sizing – 20 & 14LB Dynamax Medicine Balls are the sizes used for the CrossFit RX workouts.
For gym use we recommend purchasing lighter med balls for mixed use.

For slamming, the D-ball is the ball of choice – The manufacturer does a relatively good job warrantying them even though no one has been able to make a slam proof med ball

You can make homemade med balls with a basketball skin and some sand as well!!  Tons of info on the CrossFit forums about this

7) Concept 2 Rower – The Model D with PM3 is the 

champion here, there is no substitute for C2, here are some ways to find one:

8 ) Jump Rope – If you want a fast rope the Ultra Speed Rope,  instructions you will find on the net or buy a wood or metal box.

Suggested Sizes – 16-24″ Boxes

Rogue Wood Plyo Boxes

10) GHD – One of the most under used pieces of equipment out there, this is a wicked piece of equipment.  Here are some options:

Legend Econ GHD – Cheap without sacrificing all quality.

 Rogue Abram GHD – built like a tank!

York GHD – This is a well built GHD with roller pads. Good commercial GHD for the price. Rogue Crossfit Garage Gym Equipment Packages

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