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August Digital Detox 2018 –> are you IN?

Detox Your Digital Life This Month

This month’s theme is detox — or rather scaling down your digital time and scaling up time just for you in a space free of apps, alerts, updates, and all the rest of the digital life.

Here’s how it works

Each item below has a point value. Earn 5 points by the last day of the month and you will have completed the challenge! Items may be repeated a max of two times.


  • Complete a Yin Run, Bike Ride, Hike or Workout. That means no device, no time monitoring, no music, no Strava, no technology, etc. Point value: 1
  • Sleep a night outside, under the stars or in a tent. Point value: 2
  • Go 12 daytime hours without using a social media app or service. Sleep time doesn’t count. Point value: 1. You may earn 3 points if you go 24 hours without using your phone, tablet or computer.
  • Read a real (printed on paper) book this month (bring it with you for times you’d normally check your phone). Point value: 2
  • Hand-write a letter or post card Point value: 1
  • Go 3 days in a row without looking at your phone for the first 2 hours you are awake. Point value: 1
  • Don’t read, watch or listen to any news for 24 hours. Point value: 2


Report your progress on our closed Facebook group.


Share your final point value at the end of the month (no later than September 3rd).


How to Join

Just ask to join this closed Facebook Group — for support and accountability. The support group on Facebook brings friendly and supportive people together from around the world.

Once you’re in, feel free to add any friends who want to join.

It’s not required that you post on the group, or even join it in the first place. It’s more fun and motivational in a community though!

By the way, this whole thing is FREE — just good people coming together to support each other.

Secondary Challenge

Complete any physical activity that takes at least 4 hours. This can be a bike ride, hike, swim, run, ruck, or any combination.



May I join late? What is the deadline? You may join any time you want, including AFTER August. Really? Sure. It’s more fun to join during the month of the challenge though, especially at the start of the month. If you discover the challenge later in the month though and can make up the reps, then please go for it and join us!

How do I join if I’m not on Facebook? Just say I’m in out loud 3 times, and you’ll be in! If you want to connect the dots and receive a virtual high-five, feel free to also drop me a note at [email protected] or say hi on other social media channels (links in footer).


I hope you join us!

— Coach Jeff

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