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September Straight Arm Hang Challenge 2018 –> are you IN?
Hanging Around and Getting Stronger This month’s theme is to hang around — or rather to hang on trees, bars, ropes, rings and whatever else you [...]
August Digital Detox 2018 –> are you IN?
Detox Your Digital Life This Month This month’s theme is detox — or rather scaling down your digital time and scaling up time just for you in a [...]
Buddy WOD
July Partner Workout Challenge 2018 –> are you IN?
Grab a Friend for a Partner Workout! This month’s theme is all about friendship, camaraderie, and motivating a friend or training partner to do some [...]
Coach Jeff Grant Flutter Kick Challenge
June Challenge 2018: Flutter Kicks–> are you IN?
June Motivation: Flutter Kicks! The June Challenge is 1,000 FLUTTER KICKS. This is in honor of the 30 veterans and civilian athletes commemorating the 74th [...]
Jeff Grant Hill Running book
Hill Running: Survive & Thrive –> Book Launch!
New Hill Running Technique & Mindset Training Book Launches I’m excited to announce my latest coaching book, Hill Running: Survive & Thrive. [...]
Jeff Grant Meditation Challenge
May Meditation Challenge 2018 –> Are you IN?
May Mind Training Motivation! Jeff Grant is the author of "Flow State Runner: Activate a Powerful Inner Coach’s Voice", "Hill Running: Survive & Thrive," [...]
Emotional Elevation Profile Mind Training Jeff Grant
Race Prep Tip: Train with an Emotional Elevation Profile
Making Your Secret Sauce: Emotional Management in Endurance Sports For some types of events, it is common for organizers to provide an elevation profile. [...]
Push-up Challenge April 2018 –> Are you IN?
April Push-up Motivation! The April Challenge is PUSH-UPS. There are two objectives in this challenge: 1) break through the target threshold level and 2) [...]
Breathing Challenge March 2018 –> Are you IN?
A breath of fresh air — March Breathing Challenge My March Challenge for you is to take in a breath of fresh air. Well, lots of breaths of fresh air! [...]
Strength and Conditioning Equipment
Best Strength and Conditioning Equipment for Runners
Strength & Conditioning Training Gear for Runners in 2018 In my latest book, Hill Running: Survive & Thrive, I stress the importance of strength [...]
Thrusters Growth
Thruster Challenge 2018 –> Are you IN?
February Motivation! The February Thruster Challenge is BACK for a seven-year anniversary edition. It’s a month of thrusters, in a very doable [...]
Marathon des Sable Dunes
Recommended CrossFit Gear for Endurance Athletes 2019
Functional Training Gear in 2019 CrossFit and functional training in general continue to boom. Particularly in the off-season, many triathletes, runners, [...]
20-Day Plank Challenge –> Are you IN?
Our Monthly Challenge series continues in 2018 with a great mix of classics and new activities! We’re starting this year with the PLANK, as I love [...]
WOD Salute
December Challenge: 12-WOD Salute 2017–> are you IN?
12-WOD Salute to 2017 My December Challenge for you is a celebration of our year of monthly challenges and your efforts to do one, many, or all of them. [...]
sit-up challenge
November Challenge: SIT-UPS–> are you IN?
20 Days of Sit-ups Our penultimate challenge for 2017 brings us back to our core with a month of sit-ups! There are three levels to choose from. Select the [...]

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