Hill Running Workout 14 #hillwod

10/06/2015 - Hill Workouts
Hill Running Workout 14 #hillwod

Lunges? You want lunges? Whether that’s a yes or no, you got ’em in number 14! This workout mixes up-hill walking lunges and fartlek hill sprints. And just to ensure that it will suck the appropriate amount, it includes a 100-squat buy-in and 100 squat buy out.






Notes from Jeff’s test run of this HWOD: I did this one in Richterswil, Switzerland on the steep hill next to my house, but this time on a section next to a vineyard. I selected a stunning hydrangea in full bloom as my initial target and this required 100 walking lunge steps to reach. I continued to randomonly select targets and finish the workout with 270 walking lunges completed … and all the double-distance sprints completed. This one is awful! I’m still sore from the 13x13sec hill sprints in number 13, so 2 days later, this one made for some nice double-trouble pain dojo time!


Have a great hill workout!

— Coach Jeff


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