Hill Running Workout 18 #hillwod

30/07/2015 - Hill Workouts
Hill Running Workout 18 #hillwod

You can go ahead and skip Hillwod 18 — as it’s all about the SKIP. Experience the suck/joy of uphill skipping with this one … and don’t worry, there are bonus activities included to make this one suck even more than it sounds!



After each odd interval, do the interval number x 2 of 2-count uphill jumping lunges. For example, after Interval 1, do two 2-count uphill jumping lunges — six 2-count uphill jumping lunges after Interval 3 and 10 after Interval 5.
After each even interval, do the interval number x 2 of uphill broad jump. That’s 4 after Interval 2, 8 after interval 4 and 12 after Interval 6.
If you stop at any time or if your form degrades during the 200m intervals, the penalty is 10 squats (for each break).


Notes from Jeff’s test run of this HILLWOD: I did this one on a very scenic hill in my home area (Richterswil, Switzerland). I did an easy pace uphill walk/run for about 3KM to get there, so I was well-warmed up. The 200m hill I chose is about 6% the first 100m and then more than 10% for the 2nd half. I would quickly learn how brutal this layout made the workout as the 2nd half is a cardio burner regardless of the steeper incline! I came up with the penalty squats concept on the 4th interval as that sustained high skip broke down 120M in and I needed a break to recover my form. So, I paid for that break with 10 squats and then finished the job. I was gassed at the end of each interval, with my heart rate fully in Zone 5. What a great and terrible hill workout!


Cooling down body and mind with a nice, spontaneous pond-side medtitation.


Have a great hill workout!

— Coach Jeff


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