Hill Running Workout 3 #hillwod

15/01/2015 - Hill Workouts, Other cool stuff
Hill Running Workout 3 #hillwod


Get some on the stairs! This is a fun one that will zap your legs. Go for it!


20-min AMSAP (As many steps as possible).

Your objective is to run up as many steps as possible, following the game below. Recovery is on the descent. If you don’t have a long enough set of stairs to link together 25, 50 or 100 steps, just repeat whatever you have (including a single step) at high intensity until the target number is met. Then rest briefly.



Roll a dice twice.

Roll 1:

Roll 2:

After each run or wall sit, note what you completed and roll again. Keep this up until 20 minutes is up. If your first roll of any round is a 5 or 6, that’s a wall sit. Roll again and refer the Roll 2 – Steps table. The number of steps equals your wall sit in seconds. For example, a 3 or 4 on the 2nd roll is 50 seconds in a wall sit. A 5 or 6 is 100 seconds.


Tracking Your Score and Remembering the System:

Write out a simple tracking sheet, like the one pictured here. When I first did this workout, I simply brought a handful of coins and some colored tabs. Each time I finished an interval, I dropped a coin into the appropriate quadrant. For wall sits, I dropped in a colored tab. Do the math after it’s all over. Your FINAL score is the number of steps plus seconds in a wall sit, including the bonus round (see below).



Bonus Round

When 20 minutes is up, total your wall sit time. Take half of that number (in seconds) and this is your bonus round. After a 2-min rest, you may continue to roll the dice and play the game until this extra time expires or do a wall sit for this time or a combo. Add your steps and/or wall sit seconds to your score.



Note’s from Jeff’s test run of this HWOD: My score today was 1,310. The hardest part was making it down the stairs after all those double step 100 steps I kept rolling! I did this one in January in Richterswil, Switzerland

— Coach Jeff

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