Hill Running Workout 35 #hillwod

03/12/2015 - Hill Workouts
Hill Running Workout 35 #hillwod

HILLWOD 35 is designed to test you, to pit you against hills, weight and tires! Don’t let them win. Own them and own this hill workout!



Load yourself up with a weight vest and strap on a tire or two.

Find a hill.

Complete a total of 10 hill sprints: 6 short distance, 3 medium and 1 long.

Run each of them as hard as you can. Recovery with an easy jog back to the bottom.



Notes from Jeff’s test run of this HILLWOD: I used a new hill for #35, one with a great view and steep incline at the beginning. It’s just about 500 meters away from our training center. I strapped on a 25-pound plate carrier and a couple of tires to drag and set off for a warm-up 500m … a warm-up that reminded me of the joys of merging weighted running and tire drags. I did the 6 short sprints first, then the medium sprints and then the awful, never-ending long one. Satisfied that I was sufficiently fried, I took some photos and ran home, all the well being stared at by all the neighbors. Great fun!


Have a great hill workout!

— Coach Jeff



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