Hill Running Workout 38 #hillwod

16/12/2015 - Hill Workouts
Hill Running Workout 38 #hillwod

HILLWOD 38 is for those times you want to train for hills, but don’t have them nearby! This HILLWOD is doable in flat terrain, indoors, even in a hotel room, so it’s a no-excuse hill training workout!




20min AMRAP Box Step-ups

Bonus: If you’re not at 500 by 20 minutes, keep going til you reach this milestone!


Notes from Jeff’s test run of this HILLWOD: I did this one at the Hillseeker Training Center in Samstagern, Switzerland. It was a chilly, foggy December day, but the fog suddenly lifted and the terrace at the gym heated up. So, I carted out a box and got after the step-ups. I decided on step-ups instead of jumps because the movement suits my endurance running and hiking aims, plus for me at least, it’s safer. Given 20 minutes of jumps, I would surely space out for a moment, catch a toe and rip open a shin. Time FLEW by in this HILLWOD, much faster than I expected. The movement became quite meditative to me and I often “”woke up”” and had to remind myself to pick up the pace. I finished 360 reps when the timer went off. I decided then that 500 reps was just too close to pass up, so I continued for another 8 minutes and made it 500 reps for time, in a total of 27:57. 


Have a great hill workout!

— Coach Jeff



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