Hill Workout Cycling #1

01/10/2014 - Hill Workouts, Other cool stuff
Hill Workout Cycling #1
Don’t have time for a 3-hour hilly ride during the week? No worries — get lots of the same benefits with this duo of bodyweight squats and hill intervals, and be done in less than an hour. Go for it with intensity and maintain excellent squat form. Have fun!
Duration: 35min + warm-up and cool down
Sport: road cycling / mountain biking
Type: HIIT + strength
Purpose: develop both aerobic and anaerobic capacity as well as leg strength while accelerating your training adaption for climbing performance
Make sure to include a sufficient warm-up and cool-down, and do a few warm-up squats before you begin the workout. Stand with your feet at shoulder-width, initiate the movement by driving your hips backward maintaining a vertical upper body position throughout the movement, and keep your knees tracking out, directly over your toes.
Whether you plan to do this session with a friend, or just want to hit the hills during your lunchbreak, you’ll feel the results! If you use a gps device, record the distance and elevation gain during the core workout & post your results below!  Join in as Hillseekers and fly up those hills!
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