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Hill Running Workout 13 #hillwod
It’s BLAST OFF time today with a series of 13 sprints, each about 13 seconds in duration. You’re going to feel this one tomorrow!   [...]
Hill Running Workout 12 #hillwod
It’s all about steps today, so this is a workout you can do even without hills! It’s even possible with just a single step, repeated 1,200 [...]
Hill Running Workout 11 #hillwod
Just one interval today, but it’s a LONG one! It’s full time trial mode as you storm up a hill or a set of stairs for 11 MINUTES. That’s [...]
Hill Running Workout 10 #hillwod
Throw on a weight vest and go UP, then up and down (with squats), the UP again. Keep doing that until you finish your last 2min interval. Then add some [...]
Hill Running Workout 9 #hillwod
    A downhill workout, really??? YES! Today’s it’s all about the DOWN … well, at least until the bonus UP HILL part. This one [...]
Standing Desk Project
  After months of research, I finally put together a staning desk that I love! The frame is from GeekDesk and it’s the Max [...]
Hill Running Workout 8 #hillwod
    Great mind training opportunity in HWOD 8! It’s a trip UP the ladder and requires perseverance to push hard on that last 8 minute time [...]
Hill Running Workout 7 #hillwod
  This one is a leg BURNER!! The combination of high skips performing up hill, a long set of walking lunges and squats as “recovery” [...]
Hill Running Workout 6 #hillwod
  Short-short-long is the theme for this HWOD! It works well on a two-part climb, but is possible on a single short hill or set of stairs or even with [...]
Hill Running Workout 5 #hillwod
Grab a friend for this one and hit the hills! All intervals are 20 seconds (there are 14 of them!), but the rest breaks vary. Also, there’s a mantra [...]
Hill Running Workout 4 #hillwod
Inspired by greek mythology and the story of Sisyphus, this week’s hill workout is a TOUGH one for the mind and body! Sisyphus was a king who got [...]
Internet TV
HSF TV Debut! Cooking Gluten-free Brownies
This video is from a Swiss TV program in 2010, our debut cooking show! Gesunde Brownies von Videos Gluten-free Brownies Recipe [...]
Nutrition: Gluten-free Pizza
  Recipe: English Recipe: Deutsch Jeff Grant is the author of "Flow State Runner: Activate a Powerful Inner Coach’s Voice". Based in Switzerland, Jeff [...]
Hill Running Workout 3 #hillwod
  Get some on the stairs! This is a fun one that will zap your legs. Go for it! Instructions: 20-min AMSAP (As many steps as possible). Your objective [...]
Hill Running Workout 2 #hillwod
Don’t have time for a 3-hour hilly run during the week? No worries — get lots of the same benefits with this duo of bodyweight squats and hill [...]
Hill Running Workout 1 #hillwod
Instructions: Down the Ladder: Run UP HILL as fast as you can for each of the following intervals: 100sec, 90sec, 80sec, 70sec, 60 … to 10. Increase your [...]
Airport WOD
I had a great time filming this one at the same time as doing a TOUGH workout! It’s shot on my iPhone with a flexi tripod attached to my suitcase, a [...]
Red Chicken Curry with Cauliflower Rice
If you’ve decided to toss the rice, pasta and bread out of your diet (in whole or part) or even if you love your grains and just want to try [...]
Charity Work
  24-Hour Charity Workout for F2F Malawi   Hillseeker is proud to work closely with the following not-for-profit organizations:     [...]
Making and living the change for the long-term
Prior to becoming an endurance athlete in 1996 and ultimately a coach, Jeff was 70 pounds (32 kg) overweight and leading an unhealthy sedentary lifestyle. [...]
Hillseeker® Interview Series: Fiola Foley, Specialist in Alpine Endurance Events
Today’s featured athlete hails from Ireland, was a 2-time All American and MVP rower at Boston University and is unlocking her full potential with a series [...]
Top 10 CrossFit Equipment for a Garage Gym
For those new to CrossFit® and functional training and looking to build out your own garage gym or basement training space, here’s an equipment guide [...]
Top 10 CrossFit Gear for Triathletes and other Endurance Athletes
As CrossFit® and functional training in general are experiencing a boom currently and thus attracting many triathletes, runners and other endurance and [...]
Hillseeker TV: Coach Jeff’s SEALFIT Hill Running Video
Believe it or not, this was a spontaneous filming and workout project! I decided the morning of it that I wanted to do the Monster Mash, and oh yeah, why [...]
Hill Workout Cycling #2
  Did last week’s hill workout leave you eager for more? Let’s build up on what we’ve done and add a new twist in this week’s [...]
Hillseeker® Interview Series: Chris White, Post-Doc Researcher & Professional Bike Mechanic
  Today I’m happy to bring you a chat with a great friend and one of the most helpful and selfless guys I know, Chris White. His story blends a [...]
Top Bicycle Inspection Tips
  We’ve asked expert Chris White, Head Mechanic at The Bike in Lausanne, Switzerland, to share his Top 5 Tips for inspecting and preparing your [...]
DIY Sandbag Guide | How to make your own sandbag for CrossFit
Gear Advice from Coach Jeff Grant: DIY Sandbags   While Rogue Fitness definitely makes some great high quality sandbags (Rogue Tactical Sandbag [...]
Sandbag Workout Ideas
From CrossFit® sessions to training for endurance athletes, runners and triathletes, sandbag training offers an excellent opportunity to condition and [...]
Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc
  If you’d like a taste of what it’s like to prepare for the Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc (UTMB), one of the most grueling [...]