Flow State triggers, team energy and self-honor

In this episode of the Hillseeker® podcast we cover the quantitative focus trap and when more is less, flow state triggers in team sports performance, transferring team peak performance factors to individual training and racing and more.
Update on Eileen’s Dove Elbe Rallye rowing race experience with Jeff’s coaching guidance on Flow State triggers, honoring team and self and more.

  • Stages of Flow State: Struggle, Release, Flow, Recover
    • Finding the right level of adversity to trigger flow and let go, embracing the adversity.
    • Hyperawareness, staying with collective team energy and not chasing the negativity spiral
    • Obvious Lesson: Using team events to cultivate flow state and peak performance experiences (e.g. SEALFIT Academies, 20X, Kokoro) http://sealfit.com
    • Less Obvious: Transferring team Flow State experiences to solo
    • Other People articles with the idea of applying it to solo performance in training and racing.
    • Virtual team of supporters and channeling that energy into motivation when alone physically.
  • Pursuing balance between quantitative and qualitative focus, and between self-motivation and self-destructive pressure.
    • Awareness: Treating yourself like a team member you value (respect, honor, compassion)
    • Self-toughness on recovery and adherence to a training plan vs. objective observation and feedback.
    • Calming our monkey minds and avoiding negativity spirals. Unbeatable Mind
    • Quantitative overload and conversation with future 80-year old you on quantitative/qualitative ratio
    • When more is less, and is not better.