Your Inner Coach Looks Back and You Move Forward: Self-criticism and gratitude when reviewing your season, setting both an audacious goal and an early winnable goal for the new year and more coaching tips!

Year-end Assessment and GOALS feature. We share experiences and offer insights for new endurance athletes, as well as guidance for sport and life on assessing a year, strengthening your inner coach’s voice and firing yourself up for the new year.
Eileen shares an update on Turkey Trot running in Florida. Jeff offers insights on managing expectations related to race day weather.

  • Jeff talks about the struggles of writing a book, self-doubt and the finish line push and ties it to the importance of lacing up and getting out the door to train. Eileen covers suffering in training and the delayed return on investment vs. instant gratification.
  • Jeff calls for being self-critical only once when reviewing a year, capturing your lessons learned and keeping a strong inner coach’s voice to avoid negativity traps.
  • Jeff talks crazy year-end goals (2016 challenge & video from 2014 squat challenge) and making goals public. Here are some ideas for 2016 challenges.
  • Eileen shares more about her journey toward Ironman 70.3 Switzerland and a great knife sharpening metaphor.


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