Pilot — Hillseeker Podcast Launches!

Tips for training while traveling, Accountability buddies, creative travel workouts and handling nutrition goals with social pressures.

  • Embrace challenge, embrace adversity, go for the hills!
  • Reaching your potential as an athlete, or weekend warrior, or hobby runner, CrossFitter …
  • Tips for Training on the Road
  • Motivation: a) pre-committing and planning your on-the-road workouts, b) Accountability Buddy (coach, friends, people in your network)
  • Burpee Challenge —  read more
  • Short, intense workouts (Tabata; 10 each, 9 each, etc.)
  • Keeping it Fun / Creative Workouts (Escape & Spycraft Workouts)
  • Airport Yoga and Workouts
  • Strava
  • Nutrition and social pressures
  • Business dinners, parties and meals with friends and families
  • Communication — up-front, the “big event” reason or just experimenting on self
  • Building in pressure release valves (family visits and Thanksgiving)
  • Keeping your eyes on the prize (staying true to your goal and your belief in your goal in moments of weakness).
  • Targeting and waves of discipline. Will this food/decision help me reach my goals?