Post-Event Blues: Softening the blow, life in the thick of it and suggested after-care. Plus, Eileen gets out of her comfort zone and runs fast and Jeff writes around the clock

Post-Event Blues feature. Jeff & Eileen share experiences and cover the double-edge sword of allowing races to define us. Jeff offers suggestions for Blues preventative care, triage and after-care. Thomas checks in from New Zealand and Eileen races hard!
Lots of valuable coaching guidance in this episode!

  • Eileen shares an update on getting out of her comfort zone with some fast foot races in Germany.
  • The two cover risk-taking with foot races in the off-season to experiment, become mentally stronger and bust through limits.
  • Jeff introduces post-race blues and shares his insights and experiences, including his first Ironman.
  • Listeners John Righeimer and Thomas Schlegel offer insights on Post-Event Blues. Thomas checks in from New Zealand to share his experience with post-race blues after his epic 76-hour Ruck that we interviewed him for in Episodes 8 & 9. He shares some excellent insights and suggestions on the show.
  • Eileen shares a glimpse into her journey toward Ironman 70.3 Switzerland.
  • Jeff shares guidance for any athlete going through post-race or post-event blues or interested in preventing it or lessening the impact, offering a detailed Post-Race Blues approach in 3 stages: preventative care, triage and after-care. Check out the Hillseeker Podcast Episode 11 full article at for the text version of Jeff’s 3-stages guidance.
  • Episode 12 is on end-of season and post-event assessments, building your knowledge base for the future and more!

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  • Closing music: “Three O’Clock Blues” by Eric Clapton and BB King