Setting sports and fitness goals, embracing the journey of event preparation, and using audacious goals.

In this episode of the Hillseeker® podcast we cover setting sports and fitness goals, embracing the journey of event preparation, and using the power of audacious goals to get more out of ourselves and life.
Update on Eileen’s Mallorca cycling trip with Jeff’s coaching guidance on framing early season performance.

  • Setting goals
    • Self-assessment & drivers. Awareness of our own motivation to help set appropriate and fun goals.
      • Transformation, Adventure, Work-Life Balance, Bucket List, Prove something (to self, others, etc.), Variety / fun, Quantitative or qualitative, a mix
      • Preventing burnout, especially triathletes!
      • Bringing awareness to conflicting goals.
    • Considering the distance by which our reach should exceed our grasp
  • Training as a journey
    • Life life! Open yourself up to meet others and occasionally deviate from your plan with Jeff’s coffee stop in Holland story.
    • Select a goal for which you will enjoy training
    • Making it about the journey takes pressure off of race day and makes the training more enjoyable
  • Use of audacious goals
    • Examples of audacious goal successes and failures: Switzerland’s mountainous Inferno Triathlon and Jeff’s attempt at a Ph.D.
    • Flow State synergies across multiple audacious goals, ideas on finding synergy, as well as pitfalls to avoid in overstacking yourself.
  • Coaching Advice on Goals
    • Make your commitment public
    • Consider dedicating your pursuit to someone or to a charitable cause
    • Use milestones, aka Toll Gates, especially with audacious goals.
    • Consider combining goals across life categories. e.g. audacious physical goal with career development goal, as there are synergies across flow state performance.
  • Listener Questions
    • Tim from Michigan on how much time is needed to prepare for a marathon and on setting first marathon time goals.
    • Nash from Canada on preparing for the Canadian Death race, evaluating the need for a coach and what type of coaching is the best fit and volume requirements (time/distance) for ultra marathon training.

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