How to use race course reconnaissance and visualizations, Advanced Yoga Training in Thailand, Hamburg’s Bergziege race and national cultures in amateur racing.

Benefits of the course recce and how to use it mental training and visualization. Jeff shares recce experiences, discusses emotional connections to races and using recce-fueled visualizations for flow state. Lots of coaching tips in this episode!
This episode’s main coaching topic is the benefit of doing course reconnaissance (recce) and how to use these recce’s in mental training and visualization exercises. Jeff shares his recce experiences for the Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc and Ironman Hawaii, discusses emotional connections to races, facing fear and using recce-fueled visualizations to enable you flip the switch to hit flow state. Lots of coaching tips in this episode!

Jeff updates us on his advanced yoga teacher training course in Thailand, where he developed new ideas for Flow State Runner from Yin Yoga, finally learned handstands and consumed 40 coconuts in 6 weeks.

Eileen shares her experience chasing a goal and running an awesome hilly race in Germany. The two discuss different national cultures in race supporters and endurance racers and Jeff shares his default of thanking people for whatever they are saying when he doesn’t understand the language they are speaking.