Mentoring & Life Coaching

Offering you counsel on your journey

My passion is helping people unlock their potential, realize goals, and break through cycles of stress, overload, and inaction.

The process of unlocking potential and stepping firmly forward with concrete action is not complex, yet it is so often ignored due to the need to keep so many balls in the air, as we juggle the demands of daily life. Via my mentoring service, I provide you with an opportunity and a sounding board for you to focus, organize and clearly express your challenges and/or goals. With this in place, we will work together to chart a path forward via specific actions and practices. I will support you with structure, guidance and accountability in moving forward on that path.

I custom-design my mentoring program based on each client’s needs and situation.

My mentoring toolkit is built from:

  • 24+ years of overcoming adversity and challenges, starting from transitioning from overweight and sedentary to decades of completing extreme endurance challenges
  • Two decades of experience in yoga, visualization and meditation, key mind-body-soul practices linked to managing stress, creating inner stillness, and finding focus
  • 10+ years of Coaching experience, supporting a wide variety of individuals with fitness and life transformations, as well as milestone endurance events
  • Research completed for my book Flow State Runner on the topic of Flow & Struggle
  • Experience working in multiple countries and cultures during an 18-year corporate career

I specialize in helping people build momentum and resilience to better manage:

  • stress and overload
  • career changes
  • feeling stuck
  • low motivation
  • overweight / fitness needs
  • relationship challenges
  • launching a business
  • writing a book
  • international moves
  • finding your voice
  • sports & fitness challenges

How does mentoring work?

We may work together either in-person or remotely, based on your location and availability. Both approaches start with 3 sessions. Then, based on your needs, we may continue with the online mentoring program described below or you may choose to book individual follow-up calls or in-person sessions as needed.

In-person (in Switzerland)

We start with two 90min in-person sessions, a package that’s available for 500 CHF. This includes follow-up by email and an accountability plan for actions you’ll take outside of our sessions. This in-person time provides the opportunity for us to take immediate steps with talking, organisation, fitness, yoga, and/or mind training, as is appropriate for each individual.

We can also add 3-hour packages for additional mentoring time, yoga, personal training, etc. as desired.

Remote (outside of Switzerland)

We start with three Skype sessions or telephone calls. The first is one-hour, the 2nd & 3rd are 30 minutes each. This is available for $300 USD, which covers all three sessions.

Online Mentoring Program

Once we’ve completed our initial 3 hours in-person, we move into a phase where we work together online via email and other tools. We will also speak once-a-month for a 45min session.

This service includes exercises, practices, and accountability tracking I’ll provide for you each month.

Cost per quarter: 900 USD / CHF.

If you are looking for a daily training plan for endurance sports, the service is more extensive. Here’s info for my endurance sports coaching service.

Immersion Experience

If you have the time and budget and are looking to jump-start a transformation or launch into a new way forward, I recommend a full immersion experience: 2-days 1:1 with me in Switzerland or wherever you want to bring me.

More info

Please email me to ask about availability and to share more about your interests and needs.

See here for payment instructions.