Personal Coaching: Endurance Sports, Fitness, Crucible Events

Your personal coach

With this service, you are hiring me as your personal coach to help you accomplish something that is deeply personal for you. For us to succeed together, it requires mutual trust, hard work and very open communications. This is a big commitment for each of us.

I only work with 3 people per year at this level. Personal attention and an effective, high quality, custom-tailored experience are my commitments to you. If we decide to work with each other, I will be there for you not only when you wish to share progress, high points and victories, but more importantly, when you are faced with the toughest struggles and low moments.

Selection criteria

  • You want to be coached and are open-minded to doing the work required to reach your desired target state.
  • You are in general a positive, growth-oriented person.
  • You are open to us having some fun along the way.
  • Your project, event or challenge is interesting to me and in my evaluation feasible for you in the desired time frame you seek. That said, I love audacious goals, as long as you’re willing to do the work to get there!
  • You are willing to embrace and value the coaching journey and your preparation as much as the event or desired end state itself.

Want to see if we have a fit ASAP?

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What’s included

  • 2-Hour start-up coaching session (Zoom/video call)
  • Regular monthly 1-hour coaching sessions
  • Support in helping you identify and overcome the specific obstacles most likely to threaten your preparation or transformation journey and performance. This includes conversations with you and helping you develop an adversity response plan and do the mind training work required to execute it.
  • A Detailed Development and Training Plan that includes daily workouts in target sport(s), plus core and supplemental strength, conditioning and flexibility work. If mentoring, this includes weekly development assignments and practices.
  • Your detailed plan is customized to fit your specific needs, travel schedule, training location and equipment, injuries and recovery needs, etc.
  • Feedback on workouts and race prep, motivational messages and support, custom-tailored challenges, feedback on mentoring development tasks, etc.
  • Motivation and Q&A Support and feedback via email, messaging apps, and Training Peaks comments as suits your style and needs. I’m here to support you.

More Info

Fees start at CHF 10K for six months of coaching and are based on the complexity of your program and volume of update/accountability communications you desire.

If you are looking for a more comprehensive mentoring and life coaching experience, please find details on my mentoring service here.

Please contact me ([email protected]) to discuss your needs and the details of this service, including referrals from current and prior clients.