Personal Coaching: Endurance Sports, Fitness, Crucible Events

Your personal coach

With this service, I work closely with you via email and other online tools to coach you toward your goals with a custom training plan. You are hiring me as your personal coach, so this is a big commitment for both of us.

I only work with 4 people per year at this level. A high quality, custom-tailored program and personal attention are my commitments.

This service includes:

  • High Level Plan leading to a target event or realization of a performance or transformation goal.
  • Detailed Development and Training Plan including daily workouts in target sport(s), plus core and supplemental strength, conditioning and flexibility work. If mentoring, this includes weekly development assignments and practices.
  • Detailed Plan is customized to fit individual needs, travel schedule, training location and equipment, injuries and recovery needs, etc.
  • Feedback on workouts and race prep, motivational messages and support, custom-tailored challenges, feedback on mentoring development tasks, etc.
  • Phone and email coaching time: 1) Q&A Support and feedback via email, messaging apps, and Training Peaks comments as suits your style and needs. I’m here to support you. 2) Total of 30min of Skype / FaceTime / Phone sessions every month.


More Info

Rates are based on the complexity of your program and volume of update/accountability communications you desire. Minimum commitment is 6 months, with payments made for 3-month increments.

Please contact me ([email protected]) to discuss your needs and the details of this service, including referrals from current and prior clients.

Availability: I have one opening for Q4 2020. Please contact me if you’d like to discuss.