Private 2-Day Switzerland Immersion Experience with Jeff Grant


Your Personal Development Immersion Retreat

Spend two full days training and learning with Jeff Grant in Switzerland

If you are looking to jump-start a transformation or super-charge a powerful launch into a new way forward, I recommend a full immersion experience: 2-days 1:1 with me in Switzerland or wherever you want to bring me. This experience is included in my most intensive annual coaching service, as it is an extremely powerful accelerator toward transformative change. Immersive coaching experiences have such immense power to launch a transformation that I decided to offer this as a standalone experience.

This exclusive 1:1 experience offers you the opportunity to dive into my coaching and mentoring. It’s a chance for you to receive full focus and attention. This is your opportunity to break away from your daily life to focus on your own growth and development.

We will spend two full days and one evening together. In this time, I will provide you with an unforgettable experience of coaching, adventure and supportive, positive energy.

We have the potential to focus our time on a variety of areas, from life coaching to mental training to other practices such as yoga, visualization, meditation, music and sound healing. We can also focus the time on event preparation, endurance sports or adventures in the Alps. I’ll build a custom program just for you.

Launch your transformation and new path forward

I designed this exclusive experience to support the launch of life transformations and to provide my clients with focused attention to support them when they need it the most in life. It’s also for those wanting an immersive experience with a coach in the stunning Swiss Alps, or simply to get unstuck and build momentum toward realizing a lifestyle change to healthier living.

Custom itinerary

I custom-design the itinerary for each person’s background and needs. For some, we can swim in Swiss lakes, hike or run mountains, cross-country ski, explore my favorite routes in the Alps, or cycle mountain passes. For others, we can take easy nature walks and enjoy some of the beautiful Swiss mountain views and lakes. We can also focus more inward and inside, with time directed to the basics to create your transition to a new level of fitness and healthy living. You name it and I’ll make it happen for you.

More info

Rate is exclusive of transportation expenses, meals, and lodging. I’m happy to help you organize this, or we can integrate it into a custom offer.

Please contact me directly to discuss your needs for this VIP coaching experience.