Weekend Yoga Retreats | Geneva, Switzerland | 2019

Relax, Release, Receive Retreat

Join me in Geneva, Switzerland at the World-Class La Réserve Genève Spa & Hotel.


  • 12-14 July
  • 16-18 August
  • 13-15 September
  • 11-13 October
  • 15-17 November
  • 13-15 December

This unique weekend retreat is designed to de-stress you, to help you escape from the effects of overload, and to prevent burnout. We’ve created a special experience to nourish you holistically. You will be immersed in a protective, deeply relaxing bubble the entire time you are with us.

More detailed description of program:

Yoga: Calm your mind and recharge your body through a balanced program of light Vinyasa yoga and relaxing yin yoga.

Sound Healing: Soothe your soul with the healing vibrations from a collection of special instruments from around the world, including crystal and Tibetan bowls, handpans, and many other mystical instruments. You will have an opportunity to learn to play the instruments as well.

Meditation & Breathing: Learn breath techniques to de-stress, relax, and move stagnant energy.

Sensory Practices: Connect more deeply with your senses through a special selection of sensory deprivation & sensory highlight practices.

Opt-in sessions: Yoga Fundamentals, Therapeutic Cold Water Immersion, Morning Walking Meditation

Full details and registration information here: