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Flow State Runner by Jeff Grant


Flow State Runner offers a treasure trove of coaching guidance for runners of all levels. Jeff Grant writes in a personable, humorous and engaging style, sharing stories from ultra-running and life to reinforce his innovative and inspiring set of coaching concepts. Jeff draws upon his experience as an ultra-endurance athlete, yoga teacher, mental toughness coach, musician, and adventurer to deliver a refreshing look at running, with a host of new ideas and creative integration of a wide range of concepts that will make a lasting impact on your running. Flow State Runner aims to develop and activate a powerful coach’s voice in your mind, teaching you how to:

  • ATTAIN high quality, fulfilling running experiences
  • SET the conditions for experiencing flow (in-the-zone performance)
  • INTEGRATE the best physical, mental, and spiritual techniques to suit your needs and style
  • CONNECT to your peak potential with breath training, potent visualization practices, and a compelling set of mental training tools
  • ENHANCE your approach to training and racing with creative structure, immediately useful templates & lists, and helpful race day routines
  • PROACTIVELY ADDRESS overload, stress, and balance


While Flow State Runner is focused on running, many of Jeff’s lessons transfer seamlessly and supportively into other areas of life.


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eBook Version

Here’s the link to the buy the EBOOK version directly from me.