Hill Running: Survive & Thrive Print Edition

Building on the successful coaching themes in my first book, Flow State Runner, I share in this powerful, integrated coaching guide the keys to not only surviving, but thriving in the hills. I draw on my experience as an ultra runner, yoga teacher, mental toughness coach, and adventurer to make a positive impact on your running and life.


I also share insights from training and racing in the Swiss Alps.


Lastly, I provide clear and insightful lessons on the key themes of hill running technique and strength and conditioning that will teach you how to survive your hill running challenges.


Where my coaching approach really stands out is my use of innovative Mind Hacks and Mental Training lessons that will teach you how to thrive in the hills. You will quickly see why people in many countries seek out my coaching when pursuing major running goals, and ultimately apply my coaching techniques to improve the navigation of challenges in others areas of their lives.


Print Edition is available now directly on Amazon: https://amzn.to/2rJ5zrc