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UltraRunning: A Coach’s Handbook for Training, Racing and Changing Your Life

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Smart training for an ultramarathon

Are you ready for the epic challenge of running an ultramarathon? That’s any run longer than 26.2 miles. Whether it’s your first 50K run, a 50-miler or a 100-mile extreme challenge, this program has you covered. Not only that, it will fire you up to get out there to do the hard training to ensure you get across that finish line!

Coach Jeff Grant’s UltraRunning program is the product of 25 years of racing and coaching athletes to finish extreme ultra endurance events. It’s a guide for training, racing and perhaps even changing your life by proving to yourself that you can reach the finish line of a run longer than a marathon. You’ll learn about efficient running technique, how to consistently win the mind game required to go long, and how to go from a 1-hour run to your first 5+ hour ultramarathon finish.

This is a ground-breaking program built from decades of ultrarunning experience – and with a passion for guiding you to your ultramarathon finish, no matter what obstacles stand in your path.

Included in the program

  • Training Plan: 20-week training plan designed to take runners from a 1-hour run to the finish of a 50KM or 50 Mile Ultramarathon, along with guidance for expanding the program to finish even longer races.
  • Racing Handbook: a deep dive immersion on race selection, race plan creation, pre- and post-race rituals, race day motivation, logistics, crewing, support teams and post-race recovery. This includes stories and insights into the real world of ultramarathon running.
  • Education: how to train, how to avoid the common pitfalls in training and racing, how to prevent overuse injuries and burnout and how to win in your mind to overcome the adversity of training and racing over ultra distances.
  • Mind Training: a powerful collection of Mind Hacks and training tools to support you in ultramarathon training and racing, as well as motivation to push through adversity and get out to train even when you don’t feel like it.
  • Running Technique: lessons of efficient running technique, as well as a supporting set of drills.

Teaching you to overcome where others fail

Coach Grant’s program is extremely clear about training you to overcome the obstacles that get in the way of people achieving their ultramarathon goals. Obstacles that result in DNFs (did not finish) and suboptimal performances often fall within these categories:

  • Mental: nerves, doubt, fear, weak will, too much stress in life and mental chatter, burnout
  • Injury: overuse injuries, trail falls and ankle turns
  • Technique: poor running form that leads to injury, slow times, missed time limits
  • Knowledge: overtraining, too many junk miles, lack of a cohesive training plan or an unrealistic, ineffective plan
  • Motivation: not willing to do the training, breaking under adversity
  • Poor event preparation: mistakes and not enough attention to fueling, hydration, route-finding, gear, logistics, etc.
  • Communication and Relationships: lack of alignment with partner/family on training demands, race logistics, goals, workload sharing, etc.


NO STONE IS LEFT UNTURNED ON THESE TOPICS. You will learn how to organize your life, your training and your mindset to make your ultramarathon finish or personal best a reality.

Jeff Grant is the author of Flow State Runner: Activate a Powerful Inner Coach’s VoiceHill Running: Survive & ThriveRun Faster: Unlock Your Speed in 8 WeeksRunning Heavy, and UltraRunning: Coach’s Handbook. Based in Switzerland, Jeff is a coach and writer who specializes in mental coaching, peak performance, and transformation. Refer to Jeff’s bio for more information, and please check out Jeff’s Coach & Author page on Facebook.