A Heartfelt Thank You

Today I wish to sincerely thank you.

I thank you for inspiring your friends, colleagues and family members, both directly and indirectly. I thank you for trying hard to improve yourself. I thank you for following your dreams. I thank you for your warm smiles and emails. I thank you for the personal bests you achieve, the first time finishes and each milestone you achieve or encourage others to achieve. I thank you for the high 5s and hugs you give each other after workouts or the notes of encouragement you post from abroad to Hillseekers online.

I thank you for reading something I write or watching a video or clicking a like. I thank you for challenging yourself. I thank you for sharing a link or offering some feedback or trying something new in your workouts. I thank you for smiling when you see a hill or smiling anytime the going gets tough. I thank you for encouraging a buddy to make it through a workout. I thank you for writing a comment or just sharing your thoughts in person. I thank you for sharing a laugh or joking with me online. I thank you for your ideas and enthusiasm.

I thank you for sharing your goals and encouraging others in their goals. I thank you for the camaraderie that you’ve fostered. I thank you for sharing your support with me and others. I thank you for the positive energy you bring to this virtual Hillseeker® community.

The collective energy of this community, spanning those frequently involved and those who just stop by for a single visit online, is a glowing positive force in my life. I treasure this and I’m grateful that you’ve taken time from your life to be a part of it. I sincerely thank you.


— Coach Jeff


Jeff Grant is the author of Flow State Runner: Activate a Powerful Inner Coach’s Voice, Hill Running: Survive & ThriveRun Faster: Unlock Your Speed in 8 Weeks, Running Heavy, and UltraRunning: Ultimate Guide. Based in Switzerland, Jeff is a coach and writer who specializes in mental coaching, peak performance, and transformation. He is also a Co-Founder of BridgeX Teams LLC, a global virtual team building company. Jeff’s popular newsletter is a digest containing inspirational and instructional resources, including his latest content. See recent issues and subscribe for free here. Refer to Jeff’s bio for more information, and please check out Jeff’s Coach & Author page on Facebook.