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Earning your comeback
Efficient Running Tip: Relax to go hard in intense workouts!
The counterintuitive approach of relaxing your way through intense, hard efforts Sometimes you’ve got to relax to go hard, especially during intense [...]
Efficient Running Tips: Cadence Drills
Cadence Drills Using the proper cadence, or the tempo of the feet being pulled off the ground, is a key component of efficient running. The Pose Method®, [...]
Jeff Grant Coaching Running Technique
Efficient running: Top Tips to try today
Learning efficient running from the best I’ve received over 100K Youtube views across these efficient running tips videos and some great feedback [...]
Efficient Running Tips: How to Fall (or Lean) from the Hips
Learning to Fall or Lean Correctly An important aspect in common with The Pose Method®, Chi Running® and other schools of thought in the efficient running [...]
Running foot landing position
Efficient Running Tips: Foot Landing Position
Learning to Land Correctly: Foot Position On the Toes? Forefoot? Midfoot? Heel then toe? Toe then heel? Toe only? How am I supposed to land??? What is the [...]