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The Full Story
Thanks so much to all who have visited my site and shared your support for this great adventure — before, during, and after the journey! Through [...]
The Relentless, Arduous Push to the Finish – Part 2
Morning comes much too soon and I awake hearing the Berbers quickly call instructions out to each other and then walk straight through our tent, taking it [...]
The Relentless, Arduous Push to the Finish – Part 1
I awake the morning of the rest day after a particularly rough night of sleep. I’m feeling very dehydrated, extremely hungry, and hung-over. Pain [...]
Stretching of Limits –The Surreal Long Stage: How is this possible?: Part 2
Within moments of the start I find myself in a small cluster of a dozen or so runners at the front of the race. Several runners are taking [...]
Stages 1-3: How could we have underestimated this challenge?
To give you a seat right next to the action for the first few stages of the MDS, I’ve created a video with tunes, photos, and daily pre- and [...]
Jittering away the pre-race days in Morocco
We arrive in Ouarzazate, Morocco several days before the race starts and immediately find ourselves trapped in a thick cloud of anxiety. There’s no [...]
Story time
I’ve been thinking for a couple weeks now about how I’d tell this story – the story of a surreal desert adventure, of rising above [...]
Calm before the … fun?
It’s hard to believe that a year has passed since I mustered up the courage to commit to a race I’ve wanted to do for a decade. I remember [...]
Charity Announcement
I’ve been working the past few months with ING Chances for Children and UNICEF to dedicate my run to the support of a great cause.ING Chances for [...]
The big lean
After months of progressive increase to the challenge of my training, this weekend marked a peak in volume and intensity with another 3-days of long runs. [...]
Catching my breath
Just finished a well-needed recovery week following the prior week’s madness. The biggest shocker was how quickly I recovered from the long weekend [...]
Positive thinking & the mega training weekend
I remember the first time I was exposed to someone doing a “long run”. It was just after college and my house mate mentioned he was going out [...]
Finding balance and getting to the core
Greetings from a morning in Zürich where it again feels like winter. I’m wrapping up an easy week — designed for recovery and catching up with [...]
Dialing it in
Just capped off a great week of training with a 5-hour trail run with friends in the hills outside of Zürich. It was great to run with company — long [...]
Make it fun
Just finished a stellar week with friends from the U.S. and Germany in the town of Verbier (in southwestern Switzerland). While I knew going into this week [...]