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Marathon des Sables

The Full Story

Thanks so much to all who have visited my site and shared your support for this great adventure — before, during, and after the journey!… Read More »The Full Story

Story time

I’ve been thinking for a couple weeks now about how I’d tell this story – the story of a surreal desert adventure, of rising above… Read More »Story time

The big lean

After months of progressive increase to the challenge of my training, this weekend marked a peak in volume and intensity with another 3-days of long… Read More »The big lean

Dialing it in

Just capped off a great week of training with a 5-hour trail run with friends in the hills outside of Zürich. It was great to… Read More »Dialing it in

Make it fun

Just finished a stellar week with friends from the U.S. and Germany in the town of Verbier (in southwestern Switzerland). While I knew going into… Read More »Make it fun