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Career Change: Lessons Learned and How to Avoid the Overload Trap
Making the career change leap In 2010, I made a major career change, a huge shift to a full-time pursuit of doing what I truly love for a living. My first [...]
Saying Yes to Career Change Opportunities
Change on the horizon? When saying YES makes all the difference.
The Courage to Say Yes: Lessons Learned in Changing Careers For many years, I had a knack for saying both yes and no to the wrong things! This meant taking [...]
Say No
Is saying YES the easy way out? Fire up the courage to say NO.
Saying Yes. The easy way out? Since my childhood full of Matchbox cars, G.I. Joe, and musical instruments, I’ve gravitated toward decisions and actions to [...]
Interview Series: Chris White, Post-Doc Researcher & Professional Bike Mechanic
  Today we’re happy to combine our Hillseeker® Interview and Do What You Love Series by bringing you a chat with a great friend and one of the [...]
Are you passionate about what you do?
Like or Passion? Today’s post is about the difference between liking something and being passionate about it. This is a critical topic for anyone [...]