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SEALFIT Kokoro Jeff Grant
Insider Tips on Training for SEALFIT Kokoro from a Coach
A SEALFIT KOKORO Coach’s Experience First, Kokoro from my athlete’s perspective In 2010, I sought out a new endurance challenge and found it in [...]
Mental Toughness Tips
How to use humor to bust through pain | Mental Toughness Tips
Using Humor as a Mental Toughness Tool Sometimes all it takes is a laugh — a funny AF moment in the midst of a low point — to help you break [...]
Efficient Running Tips: Cadence Drills
Cadence Drills Using the proper cadence, or the tempo of the feet being pulled off the ground, is a key component of efficient running. The Pose Method®, [...]
Efficient Running Tips: How to Fall (or Lean) from the Hips
Learning to Fall or Lean Correctly An important aspect in common with The Pose Method®, Chi Running® and other schools of thought in the efficient running [...]
Bicycle Inspection
Top Bicycle Inspection Tips
  We’ve asked expert Chris White, to share his Top 5 Tips for inspecting and preparing your bike. Chris was kind enough to share some great [...]
Sandbag for CrossFit
DIY Sandbag Guide | How to make your own sandbag for CrossFit
Gear Advice from Coach Jeff Grant: DIY Sandbags   While Rogue Fitness definitely makes some great high quality sandbags (Rogue Tactical Sandbag [...]
sandbag workouts
Sandbag Workout Ideas
From CrossFit® sessions to training for endurance athletes, runners and triathletes, sandbag training offers an excellent opportunity to condition and [...]
Jeff Grant UTMB
A grueling ultramarathon: Finishing the Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc UTMB
What it’s like to finish the UTMB If you’d like a taste of what it’s like to prepare for the Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc (UTMB), one of the [...]
Finding your warrior spirit
Finding your Warrior Spirit: SEALFIT Kokoro
It just took one look at this video in 2010 for me to make the decision: I’m going to Kokoro Warrior Camp for an immersion into U.S. Navy SEAL [...]
Mental Toughness Series
Hillseeker® Mental Toughness Series “Other People” — Level 2: Cheer Someone
  Today we pick up on the “Other People” Mental Toughness approach with the 2nd level:.   Level 2: Cheer Someone   Level 2 [...]
Mental Toughness
Hillseeker® Mental Toughness Series “Other People” — Level 3 In their Honor
  Today we cover the final level in the “Other People” Mental Toughness approach:   Level 3: Push yourself in their honor   [...]
adventure of a lifetime
Marathon des Sables, adventure of a lifetime!
Ultrarunners, adventure athletes and anyone who enjoys a good adventure story about a life-changing epic race, check out the short videos below. If you [...]
mental toughness
Hillseeker® Mental Toughness Series “Other People”
  With less than 5 meters to spare and after 37 hours of running, I got him right before the finish line. It required a massive sprinting effort, with [...]
Never Quit!
  Life shines when you persevere through adversity, not when you give up.   I recently returned from another amazing coaching trip in California [...]