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20-Day Plank Challenge –> Are you IN?
Our Monthly Challenge series continues in 2018 with a great mix of classics and new activities! We’re starting this year with the PLANK, as I love [...]
December Challenge: 12-WOD Salute 2017–> are you IN?
12-WOD Salute to 2017 My December Challenge for you is a celebration of our year of monthly challenges and your efforts to do one, many, or all of them. [...]
November Challenge: SIT-UPS–> are you IN?
20 Days of Sit-ups Our penultimate challenge for 2017 brings us back to our core with a month of sit-ups! There are three levels to choose from. Select the [...]
Squat Challenge
October Challenge: SQUATS–> are you IN?
The lowdown on climbing this month’s Squat Ladder The 10th Monthly Challenge of 2017 is a Squat Ladder. The aim is to work through the highest level [...]
September Challenge: UPSIDE DOWN –> are you IN?
Getting upside down & seeing a fresh perspective The 9th Monthly Challenge of 2017 is to get UPSIDE DOWN for a cumulative total of 15 minutes for the [...]
Yoga Challenge August 2017
August Challenge: Yoga –> are you IN?
August Motivation for the Mind! The August Challenge works from the outside inward using the practice of Yoga. This month’s challenge is suitable for [...]
July Challenge: Triple Adventure –> are you IN?
July Motivation for Adventure! The July Challenge is all about spice — adding some cayenne pepper to your daily living! After 6 months of monthly [...]
April Challenge: Push-ups –> are you IN?
April Motivation! The April Challenge is PUSH-UPS. There are two objectives in this challenge: 1) break through the target threshold and 2) be consistent: [...]
March Challenge: Squat Hold –> DOWN for it?
March Motivation! The March Challenge is super simple: hold a squat for a cumulative total of 30 minutes throughout the entire month. On the days you do [...]
February Challenge: Thrusters + Growth –> Are you IN?
February Motivation! The February Thruster Challenge is BACK for a five-year anniversary edition. It’s a month of thrusters, in a very doable [...]