Hill Workouts

40 Hill Running Workouts
It’s DONE! I set out with a goal at the begining of 2015 to design, complete, document and share 40 different hill running workouts. I’m happy [...]
Hill Running Workout 40 #hillwod
HILLWOD 40 is a timeless time trial! This milestone run represents not only the last in my 40 Hill Running workouts series, but also the first of my Flow [...]
Hill Running Workout 39 #hillwod
HILLWOD 39 is for those times where the last thing you want to do is train on a hill, but you know you need it! This HILLWOD is named “”But I [...]
Hill Running Workout 38 #hillwod
HILLWOD 38 is for those times you want to train for hills, but don’t have them nearby! This HILLWOD is doable in flat terrain, indoors, even in a [...]
Hill Running Workout 37 #hillwod
HILLWOD 37 is all about training with a friend. So, grab a buddy and hit this one together! Instructions: Complete Sections 1 & 2, all up hill: Section [...]
Hill Running Workout 36 #hillwod
HILLWOD 36 is a play on the infamous Tabata procol of 8x20sec sprints with 10sec rest breaks. This is an ugly variation and a great opportunity to EMBRACE [...]
Hill Running Workout 35 #hillwod
HILLWOD 35 is designed to test you, to pit you against hills, weight and tires! Don’t let them win. Own them and own this hill workout!   [...]
Hill Running Workout 34 #hillwod
HILLWOD 34 includes up-hill skipping, both forwards and the slightly awkward backwards up-hill variant!   Instructions: Complete 6-8 rounds of the [...]
Hill Running Workout 33 #hillwod
HILLWOD 33 plays on THREE (as the Magic Number)!   Instructions: Complete 3 rounds of the following: Run 3 minutes hard up hill Rest 3 minutes; [...]
Hill Running Workout 32 #hillwod
HILLWOD 32 has a yoga theme to go along with the ever-present hill theme!   Instructions: Complete two yoga sessions of at least 15 minutes each, [...]
Hill Running Workout 31 #hillwod
HILLWOD 31 has a play theme … but don’t worry, you gotta earn it! Instructions: During a two-hour window, descend in a fun way as much distance [...]
Hill Running Workout 30 #hillwod
HILLWOD 30 is a 30 minute fartlek-style hill challenge. Instructions:   Warm-up and set a countdown timer for 30 minutes. The location that you start [...]
Hill Running Workout 29 #hillwod
HILLWOD 29 is simply a monster downhill run. Accumulate as much downhill running as possible in 1 hour. Instructions: Perhaps surprisingly, the UP hill [...]
Hill Running Workout 28 #hillwod
HILLWOD 28 is a one hill run — in the middle of a hard 10K.   Instructions: Run 10KM at tempo pace with a single hard hill or stair climb [...]
Hill Running Workout 27 #hillwod
HILLWOD 27 brings back the stairs. Grab a buddy for this one and get your competition mode on!   Instructions:   Complete 400-600 steps of stair [...]