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December Challenge 2018: RUN or HIKE 50KM –> are you IN?

Coach Jeff Grant

Run or Hike 50KM in total this month

Our final monthly challenge for 2018 is all about covering ground on your feet. How much ground? Well, 50KM or 31 miles worth. Ground may be covered running, rucking, or hiking. Note: it doesn’t have to be all at once.

Consider this a spark along with some fuel to fire you up to run and/or hike more than you normally would in December!

And don’t worry, if 50KM isn’t enough for you, there’s a bonus level, where you can double it.

And if it’s a step too far for the moment, due to injury or other circumstances, then I just checked the International Hillseeker Currency Desk and they are offering a burpee-KM exchange rate in December only of an attractive 20:1. Burpees must be in the Hillseeker-style, see this demo video.

There are 3 levels to choose from.

Pick the one that suits your background and goals.

  • Level 1: 50KM cumulative (sum of all of your runs + hikes during the month)
  • Level 2: 50KM within 24 hours
  • Level 3: Double Trouble: 100KM+ cumulative in the month


Secondary Challenge

Every month’s physical challenge comes with a secondary challenge related to growth, community, education, etc. This month’s secondary challenge is to invite someone to a meal. Holiday meals and parties do not count though. It needs to be an invitation you extend to someone you don’t regularly share a meal with. It can be a co-worker, neighbor, or even a stranger.

Please feel free to interpret “meal” as fits your circumstances. Perhaps it’s lunch or simply a coffee/tea/snack. It could also be something you prepare at home. Use this secondary challenge though to do something you wouldn’t normally do.

How to Join

Just ask to join this closed Facebook Group — for support and accountability. The support group on Facebook brings friendly and supportive people together from around the world.

Once you’re in, feel free to add any friends who want to join.

It’s not required that you post on the group, or even join it in the first place. It’s more fun and motivational in a community though!

By the way, this whole thing is FREE — just good people coming together to support each other.


May I join late? What is the deadline? You may join any time you want, including late in the month. Really? Sure. It’s more fun to join closer to the start of the month. If you discover the challenge later in the month though, then please go for it and join us! That said, I get a lot of fake person requests to join the Facebook group well after the challenge starts, so especially if you’re wanting to join late, send me a note first.

How do I join if I’m not on Facebook? Just say I’m in out loud 3 times, and you’ll be in! If you want to connect the dots and receive a virtual high-five, feel free to also drop me a note at [email protected] or say hi on other social media channels (links in footer).

May I join the challenge, but start my own Facebook group for my gym, club, friends or community? Sure. I’d love to see you in the global group, so how about both?

I hope you join us! ..

— Coach Jeff

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