Cadence Drills

Using the proper cadence, or the tempo of the feet being pulled off the ground, is a key component of efficient running. The Pose Method®, Chi Running® and other schools of thought in the efficient running movement all call for a minimum cadence of around 180 beats per minute (or 90 L + R cycles).

In this video, I explain the concept and demonstrate drills to help you develop the feel and correct tempo. If you focus on the pull instead of the landing, it reinforces the correct pulling perception required in efficient running and taught in the Pose Method®. Note: 180 bpm is the minimum. Faster is ok and is a product of your angle of fall.

These drills require a metronome, which you can find easily as a free smartphone app.

Want to dive deeper into efficient running studies? Check out my books and book a session with your local Pose Method® Coach.

Mind Training Tips

To run safely and injury-free, it is hugely important to learn to organize your body properly. The next level is to learn to organize your mind. Most noteworthy, this means developing awareness skills, recognizing the times when your Inner Critic is trying to own you, and leveraging your Inner Coach’s voice in a supportive role, just like your favorite coach is running beside you. I teach these tools and much more in Flow State Runner.

Efficient Running Tips

I wish you the best on your journey to improve your running!

— Coach Jeff