Ep. 4: Exploring a new sport: XC Ski and Winter Swimming in an Ice Cold Lake in Switzerland

14/01/2019 - Adventures Vlog, News
Ep. 4:  Exploring a new sport: XC Ski and Winter Swimming in an Ice Cold Lake in Switzerland

Join me as I XC Ski to an icy cold lake, swim, and ski back! This is Episode 4 of my Vlog: Adventures with Jeff Grant.

In today’s episode, I chase down a micro-adventure I’ve had my eyes on for over a year. It’s difficult to get the timing right for this one, as it requires an area that simultaneously has good XC ski conditions and a lake that isn’t yet frozen. I found that today in the Swiss village of Einsiedeln and bring you along for the experience. The water temp is just under 1C (33F), with an air temp of -2C / 28F. The lake is the Sihlsee.



Strava Ski 1:…

Strava Ski 2:…

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Be careful with your cold water challenges

This goes without saying, but please be super careful with any cold water adventures you’re inspired to take on. I have a lot of experience in this domain and after 20+ years of ultra endurance sports, I know my body very well. That said, I also take steps to mitigate risk, including the gear I use, safety gear I have on hand, informing others, and locating myself in riskier swims near people on shore.

Have a great day!


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