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Finding your Warrior Spirit: SEALFIT Kokoro

Finding your warrior spirit

It just took one look at this video in 2010 for me to make the decision: I’m going to Kokoro Warrior Camp for an immersion into U.S. Navy SEAL training. Combat defense, sleep deprivation, ocean confidence, awareness training and a 50-hour physical and mental crucible. A few weeks later I entered this incredible crucible and came out on the other side an enriched person. The experience was amazing and will always be cherished. Over the years I went back numerous times working through a mastery development path, first as a Kokoro Camp intern, later as a Support Coach and after many years and about 1,0000 hours of development work, as one of a small number of civilian Certified SEALFIT Kokoro Coaches.


Description of the course:



SEALFIT Camp, aka “Kokoro Camp” is the world’s premier training camp for forging mental toughness and the warrior spirit. The camp is an intense crucible experience based off of the famous Navy SEAL Hell Week concept, but with a focus on teaching through experience, rather than making you quit. Our mission is to develop mental toughness and promote your spiritual growth in this one of a kind training. Leadership, Building Elite Teams, Self Mastery, Character and Kokoro (unconquerable spirit) are trained and tested through 50 hours of intense physical and internal work.


Kokoro Camp leverages cutting-edge warrior – athlete training practices to include CrossFit (high intensity functional fitness), Leadership, Self-mastery, Awareness development, Warrior yoga, Attention control, Goal Setting, Stress Management, Visualization, Mission Planning, Mental toughness and Durability training. The program is intense – a 10 on a 10-point scale of difficulty – and suitable for those who have been training CrossFit or for a Special Operations Selection program for some time.



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