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The Full Story

Thanks so much to all who have visited my site and shared your support for this great adventure — before, during, and after the journey! Through video, audio, and writing, this blog site captured what it was like to prepare for and compete in what many call the world’s toughest footrace, the Marathon des Sables. It also captured a wonderful charity initiative for ING Chances for Children. For future site visitors, I’ve organized a Road Book to help you find what you may be interested in learning about. Please enjoy sharing in my experience and may you have extraordinary success and fulfillment in your pursuits!

First, the race report (in stages, just like the race):

Some interesting posts on preparation:

The charity:

Stage Updates from the Race:

Again, my sincere thanks for both long-time and new visitors to this blog and supporters of this journey!

All the best from a summer afternoon in Zurich,

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