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July Partner Workout Challenge 2018 –> are you IN?

Buddy WOD

Grab a Friend for a Partner Workout!

This month’s theme is all about friendship, camaraderie, and motivating a friend or training partner to do some extra training. The goal of this challenge is to earn as many points as possible during the month of July. The minimum required is 10 points. If you’re in, set your sights on reaching at least 10 points. Then, make it happen!

But let’s talk more instead about the upper end — earning big numbers — as there are fabulous prizes this month. The winner gets a free Hillseeker t-shirt and a signed Hill Running book for you and a friend, shipped to you wherever you are in the world. Second place gets a signed Hill Running book for you and a friend as well. And the most creative and fun partner workout submitted gets your workout featured in an article on

Here’s how it works

There are 3 levels with corresponding point values per level. Finish a workout in a given level and you get the corresponding point. All workouts may be completed a max of 2 times, unless otherwise specified. That’s right, you can repeat a workout and earn points for it again. Important: All workouts must be completed with someone, either in person or remote (separated in space, but in real-time).

Level 1: 1 point per workout completed

  • Remote Plank: Skype/FaceTime for a 2min plank (max 10x)
  • Remote Wall Sit: Skype/FaceTime for a 2min wall sit
  • 50 Pogo Squats: In-person or remote (air squats, one person goes down when other goes up)
  • Plank Hand Taps: 2min
  • Back-to-back wall sit: 2min


Level 2: 2 points per workout completed

  • Run, bike, swim, group fitness class (like CrossFit) or yoga at least 30min (max 4x)
  • Leg Lever Push-downs: 100 in total, trade as you wish (see demo at 16:30 in this video)
  • 40 Hillseeker High Five Buddy Burpees
  • Complete 6 buddy band sprints each, 30 meters/yards long
  • 40 Medicine Ball sit-ups: demo
  • 100 meter/yard wheelbarrow walk (switch when needed)
  • 100 meter/yard buddy carry (switch when needed)


Level 3: 3 points per workout completed

  • Kettlebell Overhead Lunge Walk + Run 400M
  • 100 Hillseeker High Five Buddy Burpees (separate day from Level 2, 40 HS burpees)
  • 8min non-stop bar hang (one person must be on the bar at all times)
  • Create and complete your own Buddy WOD that takes at least 12 minutes to complete


Report your progress on our closed Facebook group. Photos and videos of interesting workouts are encouraged!

Share your final point value at the end of the month (no later than August 3rd). Winners must be engaged in the Facebook group, at least in posting some updates along the way and sharing which workouts they finished.

Earn as many points as possible!


How to Join

Just ask to join this closed Facebook Group — for support and accountability. The support group on Facebook brings friendly and supportive people together from around the world.

Once you’re in, feel free to add any friends who want to join.

It’s not required that you post on the group, or even join it in the first place. It’s more fun and motivational in a community though!

By the way, this whole thing is FREE — just good people coming together to support each other.

Secondary Challenge

Simple: write a thank you note to any teacher you had when you were 18 or younger.


What if there’s a tie for 1st and 2nd place? The tie-breaker will be a video of your toughest or most creative buddy WOD. Post it on our group’s Facebook page and we’ll run a poll from group members.

What is the Kettlebell Overhead Squat + Run 400M workout? Take a kettlebell (KB) on a 400M trip around a running track. The kettlebell can only move when it is overhead (straight arm) and one person is lunge walking with it. While one lunges, the other person runs a lap and meets their buddy, taking over the kettlebell lunges. The kettlebell must be raised and lowered to start each lunge walk series via a Turkish Getup. If the KB lunger wants a break, the Turkish Getup must be repeated or the KB must stay in place.

What are Hillseeker High Five Buddy Burpees? Normal Hillseeker Burpees with a High Five at the top of each one.

May I join late? What is the deadline? You may join any time you want, including AFTER June. Really? Sure. It’s more fun to join during the month of the challenge though, especially at the start of the month. If you discover the challenge later in the month though and can make up the reps, then please go for it and join us!

How do I join if I’m not on Facebook? Just say I’m in out loud 3 times, and you’ll be in! If you want to connect the dots and receive a virtual high-five, feel free to also drop me a note at [email protected] or say hi on other social media channels (links in footer).

May I join the challenge, but start my own Facebook group for my gym, club, friends or community? Sure. I’d love to see you in the global group, so how about both?

I hope you join us!

— Coach Jeff

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