Making and living the change for the long-term

Making and living change

Prior to becoming an endurance athlete in 1996 and ultimately a coach, Jeff was 70 pounds (32 kg) overweight and leading an unhealthy sedentary lifestyle. Motivated by his concerned family members, Jeff decided to embark on a new, healthy lifestyle and has never looked back.

He still cherishes this motivation and the new life that it brought. A key driver in the transformation and one that persists to this day is setting seemingly impossible goals and passionately pursuing them. For example, Jeff committed to an Ironman distance triathlon before running more than an hour. “An unfathomable goal often creates its own energy and magnetism – it takes on a life of its own and that’s what drives you to make the changes and commitments required to reach the goal”, says Jeff. “Athletic challenges often serve a key role in balancing an intense workload with fitness, happiness, and personal fulfillment. Rather than cut back on work intensity or life intensity, I find that when I elevate both of them together, each delivers a higher bounty and equilibrium is reached.”



Jeff Grant is the author of Flow State Runner: Activate a Powerful Inner Coach’s Voice, Hill Running: Survive & ThriveRun Faster: Unlock Your Speed in 8 Weeks, Running Heavy, and UltraRunning: Ultimate Guide. Based in Switzerland, Jeff is a coach and writer who specializes in mental coaching, peak performance, and transformation. Refer to Jeff’s bio for more information, and please check out Jeff’s Coach & Author page on Facebook.