MDS on TV in the U.S.

For our week in the desert an ABC News crew followed our group of U.S., Canadian, and Australian athletes through the highs, lows, and overall adventure. The cameras were around so much that it started to feel like a reality show — and you just knew that when you were feeling your worst, you’d see a camera nearby to capture the moment! We saw so much of the news crew during the race (including out on the race course) that they started to feel like part of our team.

Today (Thursday, April 17th) ABC will air MDS segments on Good Morning America, ABC World News, and Nightline. If you’re in the U.S. and want to catch this, please check ABC’s website for viewing times. Don’t count on seeing me featured, but some of my very good friends from the race will be, plus they shot a lot of video of our champ and top U.S. finisher Ted Archer from the tent we shared. They filmed some great stories and race course footage throughout the week, so I’m anxious to see what made the final cut. Please post a comment if you happen to catch any of the footage today. For friends outside the U.S., if I can get a hold of any video segments of the broadcast, I’ll post it on the blog.


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