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Media coverage, charity, and inspiration

Looks like MDS got bumped from ABC in the U.S. today, so plans are to air the special next week (and ESPN may pick up a segment as well). I’ll update the blog when we have more details on the new airing date. My apologies for the false alarm today — looks like something in the U.S. news cycle became more interesting (to some at least!) than a bunch of crazy people testing their mettle in the desert! Meanwhile, we’re still receiving donations for UNICEF and ING Chances for Children (thank you!). ING is matching all donations, so your great support is now providing an education to nearly 350 children in India, Ethiopia, and Brazil. This is a wonderful level of support that makes a real difference in the world. We’ll leave the donation site up for a few more weeks in an attempt to reach funding for 500 kids (that’s nearly 2 for every kilometer I ran in the Sahara!). For your donations and spreading the word, I say thank you, thank you, thank you!

I’m hoping to ease out of my recovery phase this weekend. I seem to be having a much harder time being inactive for two weeks than completing 12-hour training weekends! I’m preparing to post more audio clips and stories (hopefully starting this weekend with a series of audio updates from each race stage). Also, new adventure projects are in the works, so stay tuned in the coming months to learn more.
For those of you who have written to say that I’ve inspired you in any way, I offer you my full support as you chase your dreams. I chased a dream 12 years ago that resulted in a major lifestyle transformation that’s made an enormous difference in my daily happiness and the life I live today. I wish you the same happiness and only ask that you go for your dreams and aspirations in a way that helps you reach your own fulfillment and that also inspires others.


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