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Off to the desert

Here’s some updates straight from Jeff, as they’re on their way to the desert…

Hard to get out of bed when I won’t see another one for 8 days! So comfy.

Just got the road book, which announces the no longer secret route. We start in Erg Chebbi and hit the dunes within the first mile.

Race ends in Tazzarine. Waiting on bus for 2 hrs now to depart OZZ. Everyone is studying the road book.

In a convoy of 20 buses and lots of safari type trucks heading into the desert. Seeing palm trees and interesting structures as we leave OZZ.
Buses stopped to take on water and supplies. Daily race distances in km: 32, 38, 41, 76, 42, and 18.
The long day includes multiple dune sections, a 25-percent incline climb, and salt flats. Sounds like a fun run, doesn’t it?
Summitted Everest, swam the English Channel, surgeon, CEO, grandparents, ex-military, mothers of 4 – just a tiny sampling of the group.
After a long drive on a rought and very twisty road, we just stopped for lunch – not at any of the several oasises we passed, but in the sun.
After 8 hours, just left the road. Driving on dirt toward the big dunes we’ll run over on Sunday. Should reach the bivouac soon!
We’re at the bivuoac getting settled, it all seems surreal. We can see big dunes from camp. An ABC news crew is following our group.

Just finished dinner in the desert. We’re all ready for some sleep (in the Berber tents tonight) Admin checks tomorrow – 1 more day to go!

Watching beautiful stars over the Sahara. G’nite from Tent 77 in Maroc. Last SMS updates in the A.M. before we check our non-race gear.

Seeing sunrise over the Sahara – nice. Restless sleep getting used to the minimalist gear, anxious to start running!

Sahara Sands

For more info, including the actual distances for each day which were announced today, be sure to check out Lisa’s blog.
Thanks for checking in… Stay tuned!


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