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Stage 2 in the Desert

Another update from Becky… It seems that Jeff is getting stronger with each day so far! He moved up from 81st place to 63rd from Day 1 to Day 2 – You can see the results page with his name here. Wow, and that’s after a day of 120-degree heat? Hard to believe. I really didn’t expect him to be racing and placing so well like this (and I don’t think he did either!)

I received an email message from him on Monday, which I will share here (the non-personal parts :)) …

Doing great! Two very tough days have left me in awe of this race! Beautiful dunes yesterday, but one of the hardest opening stages of MdS ever. Today was even tougher and with brutal heat — over 40C/110F. Huge mental challenge across rocky and undulating terrain, salt flats, and mini dunes. I’ve followed Lisa’s plan exactly and I am shocked at how high I am ranked, vastly exceeding my expectations.

Don’t want top 50 by tomorrow else I have to start mid-day on the long day. Will take it easy tomorrow and plan to push the long day.

Thanks so much for your donations and emails to the bivouac; this is highly appreciated and it warmed my heart and powered me through a tough day today.

Feeling fine except for a little knee pain. Taking care of myself though. Again thanks so much for your support!


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