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Stage 3 in the Desert

Another day completed! So that’s 68 miles down, “only” 84 to go…

I’ve received some questions about the daily distances so here they are listed for the whole week:

Day 1 (Sunday): 31.6k (19.6 miles)
Day 2 (Monday): 38k (23.6 miles)
Day 3 (Tuesday): 40.5k (25.2 miles)
Day 4 (Wednesday & into Thursday): 75.5k (46.9 miles)
Day 5 (Thursday) – rest day or completion of Day 4 distance
Day 6 (Friday): 42.2k (26.2 miles)
Day 7 (Saturday): 17.5k (10.9 miles)

Total distance = 245.3k (152.4 miles)

The 46.9-miler they start today can be completed over two days. Luckily the strategy of avoiding placing in the top 50 as of today worked – he is now 74th overall – so Jeff will not be forced to start later in the heat of the day today.

Here’s the latest update from Jeff himself!:

Great run today, despite some intense heat! Battled knee pain for the first two hours and then came alive and had a fantastic closing three hours.

I picked up so much speed that I got really concerned about moving into the top 50 so I walked most of the last 5k to sacrifice time today for the cooler start time on the long day tomorrow. Hoping to make up the difference then.

My feet are a bit blistered, but otherwise everything is going great and exactly on plan, although still way ahead of my expectations overall position-wise.

Speaking of, I’m dedicating my run tomorrow to all who have supported the ING CfC/UNICEF charity initiative — You are all running with me on Wednesday and I thank you immensely for the support you’ve offered.

Thanks also for the great messages sent to the bivouac, this helps more than you can imagine. My best to you all.


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