Stage 5 in the Desert

After a marathon-day (literally) with scorching heat, it looks like Jeff is still in the Top 50!

Here’s an update directly from Jeff…

Rest day was great, although my knee hurts more at rest than in motion! A great thrill to cheer on the people finishing the long day in 30 hours — brave people!

I went into the marathon today in awe at what the body can handle. I hobbled to the start line but my legs came alive and I was stunned to run just under a 4:30 in these conditions after the week and my epic run on the long day.

I dedicated my run today to my grandmothers and wife’s grandmother and my family — I certainly felt their strength push me through the long distance and extreme heat – it topped 46C!

Toward the end of the stage I saw my best friend Sean, Becky, and other friends and family beside and in front of me pulling me through the most grueling part. My Atl cycling friends then pace-lined me through the headwind during the final two miles… A bit crazy, but I felt this and it really helped.

One stage to go… The Paris opera will perform a concert in the desert for us tonite – no kidding!

My sincere thanks to all!!!

Jeff Grant is the author of Flow State Runner: Activate a Powerful Inner Coach’s Voice, Hill Running: Survive & ThriveRun Faster: Unlock Your Speed in 8 Weeks, Running Heavy, and UltraRunning: Ultimate Guide. Based in Switzerland, Jeff is a coach and writer who specializes in mental coaching, peak performance, and transformation. Refer to Jeff’s bio for more information, and please check out Jeff’s Coach & Author page on Facebook.