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Standing Desk Project

Standing Desk Project


After months of research, I finally put together a staning desk that I love! The frame is from GeekDesk and it’s the Max model. Fortunately they ship to Europe and also fortunately, they won’t ship desk tops internationally. They’ve got great desk tops, so this was a letdown at first. It turned into a huge plus though, because I found a great surface at a local home improvement shop for less than 100 CHF/USD. It would have cost that much to ship a heavy desktop from the U.S., so this was a huge win. I bought a matching shelf and a set of silver table posts and made a monitor stand. It’s important to have the monitor at the right height for a neutral neck position.




The downside to standing for long periods of time is lack of movement. Most people will quickly start to feel it in their lower backs. The team at FLUIDSTANCE has created an oustanding product to address this. It’s called the Level. I backed them early on in their Indiegogo campaign and I was really excited to receive a Limited Edition, number 99 of the first 100. This platform for standing desks is a game changer for me. It supports such subtle and smooth movements and has opened up completely new movement patterns for me — new for when I’m working behind a computer.










By the way, I’m not sponsored by either GeekDesk or FLUIDSTANCE. I just love what they’ve created and I’m happy to share my experiences with them! Check out Hillseeker Podcast where I talk about stand up desks, encountering wild dogs while ultra running in Italy and more!


— Jeff

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