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Story time

I’ve been thinking for a couple weeks now about how I’d tell this story – the story of a surreal desert adventure, of rising above self-imposed caps we place on our potential, of treasured comradeship, and of an immersion into the stunningly beautiful Moroccan Sahara. My motivation for telling the story is simple: for your entertainment, to inspire others, to relive and share the positive energy of a magical moment in time, and also to help anyone who considers entering the MDS or other endurance events in the future. Most importantly, I want to share this with you because you were all there with me in spirit — pushing me through the tough parts and motivating me during some very intense solo running through the desert. I don’t think you’ll ever know how much you helped without learning a bit more about those tough parts!

As this was an adventure to savor and one with unexpected variety, I’ll take the same approach with telling the story. I’ll split it into segments (segmentation is a huge mental technique for endurance racing!) and use a mix of writing and multimedia to make it fun (mixing it up and keeping it fun is the ultimate Jedi mind trick to apply to these challenges!).

Here’s your Road Book of stories to expect …

  • Jittering away the pre-race days in Morocco
  • Stages 1-3: How could we have underestimated this challenge?
  • Stretching of Limits –The Surreal Long Stage: How is this possible?
  • The Relentless, Arduous Push to the Finish
  • Crossing the hallowed MDS Finish Line

For the curious and those who are preparing for or considering a future MDS entry, I’ll also include a Lessons Learned write-up, where I’ll share more about gear and food selections, training, and modifications I’ll consider for the future.

Stay tuned for each chapter!


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