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Support a good cause and I’ll play the Alphorn for you!

Have you ever wanted a custom video greeting from the Swiss Alps with your very own alphorn tune? How about a
video of a group of smiling teens in the African nation of Malawi singing and dancing for you? Here’s the deal: I need
some group help to rally to fund a project I directly work with in Malawi. It’s about helping people help themselves.
The approach is unique and has application in other disadvantaged parts of the world as well….



I’ve organized a series of 24-hour CrossFit workout events as a fundraiser and the one I’m hosting at my CrossFit gym
is on June 7th, 2014 (to be hosted again in 2015). Other gyms are hosting events in Switzerland this year too … they rock. Our goal for the June 7th event
to raise $15K and we’re WAY BEHIND. We’re also behind on our overall project goal of $43K, funds with which we’ll
accomplish a lot of sustainable improvements in Africa. To help us catch up, I want to offer something special to any
potential donors out there in an attempt to get the help I need to do good in an extremely poor part of the world.
Here’s how it works: you donate, it helps people, you feel good and you get something cool in return. Our theme is 24,
so $24 sponsors an hour. You can read more about the project here.

Sponsor Levels (Available between May 30-June 8, 2014)

Base Camp – 2 Hours for $48 (Unlimited):  your name on our gym wall during the event & announced at the beginning
and end. Plus, your name mentioned or displayed along with the others at this level in a video of me playing Alphorn
in the Swiss Alps. I’d be happy to read lots of names — I’ll gladly stand on a mountain for hours reading names for the

Camp One – 6 Hours for $144 (20 available): a 30-60 second video recorded in the Swiss Alps with a personal greeting
to you or the person(s) of choice and a custom Alphorn tune for you. What a cool gift idea, right?! “Hi Mrs. Johnson. I’m in
the Swiss Alps and I’m about to play something for you on the Swiss Alphorn. Your son organized this and says
Happy Birthday!”.

Camp Two – 12 Hours for $288 (10 available): Above, plus a video of Malawi youth group members saying hello
personally to you, thanking you and singing a song for you.

Summit – 24 Hours for $576 (10 available): All of the above, plus one hour of the 24in24 Event named for you, one free
video analysis of your running technique & your name on the event banner at the 2014 Kang’oma Tournament of Hope.

Hero – 48 Hours for $1,152 or more (5 available): All of the above, plus a 1-hour in-person or Skype yoga or personal
training session with me and a very good feeling.

You can even collect some cash from friends and make a single donation to hit a certain level. That would be cool,
wouldn’t it? “Hey awesome people at company X or family Y, that’s the Alps behind me and here’s a tune for YOU!”.


 … and make me and the netball girls below happy!

Yea — happy people!


.. and more happy people! Please help us make a difference!

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